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Each year, our membership elects new leaders to guide CCRA and the court reporting profession. We need strong, creative leaders we can rely on to set the direction of our industry. These leaders require vision, creativity, and the ability to anticipate and adapt to change. They must be decisive and strong enough to make necessary changes while still retaining the ability to be flexible.

If you ever wanted to be a part of the change, now is your time to act!

Are you someone, or do you know someone, who is devoted to the mission of CCRA, the stability of the reporting profession, and who is willing to shape our profession as it evolves? If so, we want you on our board of directors!

The Nominating Committee of CCRA is looking for freelance, official reporters, and CART/Captioners to serve as officers and members of the Board of Directors for 2020-2021. And, remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to nominate yourself!! 

CCRA Webinar: Life and Work After AB5
July 9, 2020 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM PDT

First, attendees will gain a foundational understanding of AB5, the nuances, and the real meaning of the terms and tests. Second, the attendees will gain a working understanding of how to apply the tests and rules to their everyday work lift as it is today in 2020. Third, we will take a look forward to defining best practices, pitfalls, and how to best work within the parameters of AB5.
$33 members / $49 nonmembers
Earn .2 Continuing Education Units

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CCRA Webinar: YesLaw Simple Solutions for Advanced Paperless Delivery 
July 16, 2020 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT

Enjoy Easier Production and Delivery of your Transcripts and Reduce Your Printing Costs.  In this session Brian Clune & John Garnett will show how YesLaw’s PDF Transcript Generator software enables court reporting agencies and freelance court reporters to easily create digitally signed PDF-formatted transcripts with a fully hyperlinked word index and exhibits. The class will also cover secure online delivery to attorneys and “View Only” delivery to witnesses.
$33 members / $49 nonmembers
Earn .1 Continuing Education Unit

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CCRA Webinar: E-filing for California Courts
July 18, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

California's Courts are going paperless! Learn how to be fully compliant with the new rule of court 8.144.  In this session Brian Clune & John Garnett will show how YesLaw’s PDF Transcript Generator software enables court reporters to easily create digitally signed PDF-formatted transcripts with a fully hyperlinked word index. It’s time to start your paperless delivery of transcripts to the court. With a simple click you can securely publish transcripts to the clerk, the judge, ordering attorneys, and the appellate courts. Offer stenographic transcripts for the court as highly functional electronic transcripts online. – Enjoy Easier Delivery of Your Transcripts and Reduce Your Printing Costs.
$33 members / $49 nonmembers
Earn .1 Continuing Education Unit

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Sandy Walden PhotoPresident's Message

Dear CCRA members,

Welcome to May Madness 2020! I hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Mother's Day. I know the stay-at-home orders are becoming more difficult as time goes on, but I hope you are staying positive and taking care of yourselves. 

This month I have a couple of particularly important updates for our members. The COVID-19 Pandemic has had far-reaching consequences into every aspect of our lives, and regrettably it has now also affected our beloved annual convention. CCRA's Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to forgo our regular in-person convention format and has instead converted our convention to a virtual platform. The convention committee has already begun planning the virtual agenda, and we are very confident we can still have a tremendously successful and rewarding convention experience. Although we know that getting together, seeing our colleagues in person, classroom learning, and the social events of convention are especially rewarding, your CCRA Board of Directors felt that the safety of our members should be the deciding factor in this decision, and we also took into consideration that many of you have been out of work for the past few months and we want to be respectful of your financial hardships. 

The dates of the convention remain the same - October 10th and 11th, 2020 - and we promise to deliver a dynamic convention agenda that will not disappoint. This year will be different, but we can adapt and make the best of these trying times. This isn't forever, and of course we look forward to hosting our regular convention in 2021. These are trying times for the association as well, and we hope we can count on your support.  As usual, CEUs will be available for all convention classes. We hope to “see” you there!

And now for the legislative update, always the ever-moving target:

As a general legislative update, once again, COVID-19 has severely impacted this year's legislative session. Authors of bills were instructed to prioritize their issues and only move forward with emergency-type bills or COVID-19-related bills. Therefore, in good faith, the author of our CART bill, Lena Gonzalez (SB-1106) has withdrawn our bill at this time, but remains committed to working with CCRA in the future on CART licensure issues. Lena Gonzalez was also the champion of our transcript increase bill this year (SB-991), and similarly that bill has been withdrawn. With the announcement of the Governor's May Revise on Thursday, this year simply is not the time to press the legislature for an increase in transcription fees. Because of past legislative efforts by CCRA and SEIU, the legislature is sympathetic to the fact that an increase is long overdue, and CCRA will seek to keep this issue alive at the Capitol. We'd like to extend a huge "Thank You" to Lena Gonzalez for her efforts on behalf of court reporters this year and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Speaking of the May Revise, please use the following links to familiarize yourself with the portion related to the Judicial Branch (summary provided on page 98), and the Budget Memo published by the Judicial Council. We will continue to monitor the budget situation, provide updates, and advocate for sufficient funding as it relates to court reporters.

SB-900 (Hill): While we were waiting in queue on Thursday to speak to the merits of SB-900 and how all aspects of the court reporting profession are impacted by AB-5, an announcement was made at the beginning of the Labor Committee session that the bill was withdrawn from the agenda. CCRA will continue our discussions with stakeholders regarding this very important issue, as we do expect movement this legislative year on AB-5 issues relating to court reporters.

SB-1146 (Umberg): As of this week the language of this bill has been amended to remove any language seeking to codify the SoCal Stip. CCRA had conversations with Senator Umberg's office and the CAOC, and we are grateful these efforts have resulted in opening the door to further conversations on court reporter issues and a pivot in the language being sought at this time. We want to thank and acknowledge the superb grassroots efforts marshaled by all of you! Your involvement with CCRA, the Stop the Stip Movement, and PYRP does not go unnoticed! Way to go, team! We will continue to monitor this bill and give our input, as it now seeks to codify the Chief Justice's emergency orders related to whether a party has to be present with the deposition officer at depositions. 

As we move into the summer months, we know that many of us have had our workflow and stream of income disrupted for what seems like an eternity. We know these are trying, unchartered, and scary times. CCRA is here for you. Please take care of yourselves the best you can. This time will pass, and we will get through this together. Stay safe and healthy.
Sandy Walden, President
California Court Reporters Association

CCRA is pleased to announce the launch of our educational series regarding Dynamex/AB5/Labor Code Section 2750.3

As part of our member education component to tackle AB5 and its related Labor Code issues, the CCRA Board of Directors has engaged attorney Karen Tynan to lead our members through a comprehensive educational series that will leave you fully informed about the new Labor Code. (Click here for Karen Tynan's bio.)

The first piece is a two-part podcast explaining AB5 and the nuances of the new California Labor Code which implements the ABC test for employers and employees. Part 1 is a broad overview of AB5 and the ABC test. Part 2 is a more in-depth analysis of the application of the ABC test to the many types of work that CCRA members perform in California. Karen does an excellent job of outlining AB5, what it means for California stenographers, and the areas of our work we may need to examine and adjust to be compliant with the new law.

Click here to download the handouts that complement the podcast

Members - Click here to access the podcasts (member login is required)

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and listen to our podcasts

We hope you enjoy the podcasts! Let us know what you think by e-mailing us at: [email protected]. CCRA has created this email address specifically to hear feedback from our members. Let your voice be heard on this very important issue! We will use the feedback to formulate the outline for our in-person member meetings with Karen, one to be held in Northern California and one to be held in Southern California. We will announce the dates of these forums soon!


What's next?  Two webinars by Karen Tynan that dovetail with the podcasts and take a deeper dive into Labor Code Section 2750.3 will be released soon! Join CCRA now so you don't miss a beat!

Have further questions? Karen Tynan has offered a CCRA member discount so you can consult directly with her on your specific Labor Code questions. Karen can be contacted at [email protected].

Thank you,
CCRA’s Board of Directors

Thank You for Donating to the CCRA A to Z Fund!

Dear CCRA Members, I'd like to personally thank everyone who donated to CCRA’s A to Z program during Court Reporting and Captioning Week 2020! Through your generous donations, we have raised $1,400 that will be used exclusively to fund our A to Z programs in California. Your dollars will directly contribute to getting more students into court reporting school and helping them become working stenographers in California, and for that you should be proud! We are incredibly grateful for your support!

Part of my presidential mission is to hold 25 A to Z programs this year, and that's why I set our A to Z fundraising goal at $3,000. Please help us reach this goal. While CCRA has amazing volunteers that teach our programs and awesome sponsors that provide food and locations, real dollars are still needed to print the lesson materials, advertise for the programs, tune up those steno machines, and make sure every program meets CCRA's standard of excellency!

The A to Z program provides a FREE six-week program to teach each participant the steno alphabet, familiarize them with our machine, and showcase exactly what a career in stenography can offer. We ARE making a difference. We ARE increasing steno enrollment statewide. No matter the amount, every dollar helps! Please donate today!


If you cannot donate financially, we'd love to have you join us as a volunteer at our next location! Please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Steno Strong,


Sandy M. Walden, President
California Court Reporters Association