Certified CART Generalist (CCG) Examination
Formatting Requirement Guidelines

  • FONT: Verdana, Bold
  • POINT SIZE: 16
  • PAGE LAYOUT: Background is to be white with FONT color to be black.  No additional colors should appear anywhere in the submitted examination, such as untranslates or homonyms.
  • LINE SPACING: 1.5 or 2  (no single spacing)
  • MARGINS:  1 inch margin on the left, right, and bottom
  • PARAGRAPHING: All paragraphs require a five-space indentation
  • CASE FORMATTING:  Upper case or mixed case allowed (keep in mind – when using mixed case, any capitalization mistakes will be counted as errors)
  • IDENTIFIERS:  The following identifiers will be used, and must be indented five spaces –


  • PAGINATION:  Page numbers are allowed, but not required.
  • PARENTHETICALS:  Parentheses or Brackets may be used for parentheticals.  For example – [APPLAUSE] or (APPLAUSE)
  • DEVIATIONS OF FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS:  Each  deviation of the formatting requirements will result in a ten-point deduction (error factor), for each occurrence.
  • AUTOMATIC FAIL:  Any line numbers (pleading numbers) or text-boxes of any kind, including border boxes, showing on the submitted examination to be graded will result in an automatic failure.