Effect – Affect  (Circle one)

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  1. What was the (effect, affect) of the medicine?
  2. In (effecting, affecting) a reconciliation between the brother and sister, he lost the friendship of both.
  3. How did the medicine (effect, affect) you?
  4. He tried to (effect, affect) peace in the organization.
  5. That man always (effects, affects) me unpleasantly.
  6. What (effect, affect) does that type of person have on you?
  7. The girl has an (effected, affected) manner.
  8. The music deeply (effected, affected) me.
  9. His (effects, affects) were moved into the street.
  10. What (effect, affect) does the climate have on his health?
  11. The law will go into (effect, affect) the first of next year.
  12. The (effect, affect) was immediate.
  13. That man (effects, affects) harmony in whatever he enters.
  14. Dr. Ross’s sermon (effected, affected) me.
  15. The truant officer’s speech did not (effect affect) the boy.
  16. How did the climate of California (effect, affect) you?
  17. (The (effect, affect) of the thunderstorm was disastrous.
  18. The ordinance went into (effect, affect) yesterday.
  19. The punishment (effected, affected) a sudden change in his behavior.
  20. That does not (effect, affect) the situation.
  21. Kindness will (effect, affect) some people when harsh words are powerless to move them.
  22. With regard to my farm which I am anxious to dispose of, do you think you will be able to (effect, affect) a sale in the near future?