Passed – Past

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  1. I last saw the man when I (passed, past) the hotel at twenty minutes (passed, past) 5:00.
  2. The bus (passed, past) me before I read the signal.
  3. Memories of a glorious (passed, past) (passed, past) through my mind as I viewed the exhibition of old cars.
  4. Time (passed, past) slowly as the defendant awaited the decision of the jury.
  5. His youth is (passed, past).
  6. He was a (passed, past) president of the society.
  7. The river (passed, past) through our land.
  8. Eisenhower was a man with a distinguished (passed, past).
  9. The sports car (passed, past) on the right.
  10. The days (passes, past) quickly
  11. He waved as he walked (passed, past).
  12. It is (passed, past) midnight.
  13. The problem is (passed, past) understanding.
  14. The wine was (passed, past) around the table.
  15. Daylight (passed, past) into darkness.
  16. His anger (passed, past) suddenly.
  17. The child couldn’t count (past, past) 20.
  18. The motion to adjourn (passed, past).
  19. The troops marched (passed, past).
  20. A jury (passed, past) on that issue.
  21. The returns (passed, past) all expectations.
  22. It is the house just (passed, past) the church.
  23. He (passed, past) every test.
  24. The instructor (passed, past) all candidates, including Tori.