For our annual convention, CCRA asks our members and nonmembers to help underwrite the cost for students to attend the convention.

Donate to sponsor a specific student by name or to the general convention scholarship fund for all the students attending the convention. You can sponsor the registration or donate a higher amount to help pay for accommodations, travel, etc.

Sponsorship Funds:
All sponsorship applications will be reviewed by the Support Our Students (SOS) Committee and sponsorship determination will be communicated to the applicant 30 days prior to the Convention. Sponsorships will be awarded based on availability of funds.  Students who have not previously been sponsored will take precedence. 
 The SOS Committee will make every effort to match students up with sponsorship.  However, if a student is not awarded a sponsorship, the CCRA office will make contact to arrange for payment of the registration fee.

If a student has been specifically identified to receive support from a member, the dollar amount of the contribution will be applied to the student’s registration fee.   The student will not be eligible for any further disbursement from the general sponsorship fund.

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