2018 Convention Speakers

Rachel Barkume, CSR, RPR has been a reporter since passing the CSR in June 2011. She graduated with honors from South Coast College of Court Reporting and quickly began work as a per diem reporter in court, as well as a deposition reporter for several firms in the Central Valley. Rachel has been an official, a CART captioner, and most recently a freelance deposition reporter.  She is currently the President-Elect of CCRA and has also held the positions of Director and Secretary-Treasurer.  She has been the chair of NCRA’s New Professionals Advisory Committee for the last three years.

Lauren is a freelance deposition reporter who just finished her first year of working as a licensed CSR.

Gerie has been reporting since 1985, primarily as an official. In 2016 I received the DSA.  In 2013, I retired from the courts and am now freelancing and love the freedom.  Over the years, I've reported in a multitude of situations: An EIR public hearing, Union negotiation settlement, and even with a jury in a train tunnel. I am so fortunate to have a loving and supportive partner, two wonderful daughters and a profession that is so versatile.

Therese Clausen, CSR, is a past board member of CCRA and a long-time user of ProCAT software.  

Brian Clune has worked since 1991 in the court reporting industry. He is a CLVS videographer and consultant to NCRA on technology. Mr. Clune holds a Broadcast degree from SFSU, and was a former radio personality. He is a frequent speaker on advanced discovery technology, cloud computing, video and trial technology. Mr. Clune is currently Vice President of YesLaw.

Ana Fatima Costa, RPR, CSR (Ret.) utilizes the skills she learned in her 35-year career as a freelance court reporter, firm manager and sales executive to support court reporting students and working reporters in achieving self-mastery and confidence. As a certified Connection Practice coach, she offers scientifically-proven processes that help resolve conflict, resulting in greater self-awareness, resilience, and connection. Ana provides reporter-of-record internships to court reporting students and new CSRs at mock depositions and mock trials as a way to educate both students and the legal community about reporters’ crucial role as impartial guardians of the record.

Andrea Couch, CSR, RDR, CRR, CRC, discovered her passion for court reporting at the age of 16 and now has more than 15 years’ experience as a freelance court reporter, closed captioner, and CART provider.  She is the owner of Associated Reporting & Video, a freelance court reporting agency in Boise, Idaho.  She is also co-owner of IdaCaption, a captioning firm in Boise, alongside captioner extraordinaire Anissa Nierenberger.  Andrea is a full-time freelance court reporter and also provides CART and captioning services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Boise and the surrounding area.  She is also the current president of the Idaho Court Reporters Assocation.

Mark Crossley is an official with the Sacramento Courthouse - not a reporter, but staff court interpreter, American Sign Language. He also works as a CART provider for the local university and on line classes, working around his court schedule. He has 35+ years as a court interpreter and 18+ years as a realtime "stenocaptioner" (his choice of term, instead of CART provider). He was a trilingual relay interpreter for eight years (ASL/Spanish/English), and taught English as a Second Language, Conversational Spanish, American Sign Language, and Multi-Lingual Court Interpreting.  Mark grew up as a Hard of Hearing / Deaf child, and utilized an American Sign Language interpreter in school - badly; he was not fluent in ASL at the time.  An avid reader, Mark felt he would have been better off with a captioner, had only such been available.  At almost 16, his world changed when he had surgery, which provided restorative hearing. He is passionate about captioning being more accessible in a variety of venues (schools, public meetings, medical appointments, vocational environments, and television) to the large population of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who either do not sign or depend of captioning in media presentation.  

Carolyn Dasher, CSR, RPR, CMRS, is an official reporter for the Los Angeles Superior Court.  She joined the CCRA Board of Directors in 2004.  She began her court reporting career in 1987 working briefly in the deposition field and then with L.A. Municipal Court.  While working in the court, she also has been a CART provider to witnesses, litigants and attorneys.  She is a Past President for the Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association.  Carolyn is a strong advocate for the reporting profession in Sacramento and will continue to lobby for CCRA.

Regina DeMoville is a broadcast captioner & CART provider. Regina captions news/sporting events but holds much experience captioning academic classes, conventions, business meetings, etc. Regina is on a CART/captioning committee with CCRA. She has been on a few Q&A panels representing broadcast. She loves to advocate for students/the deaf community. She loves to mentor students. She views her skills as a gift and is eager to share it with the people who need it most.

Jennifer Esquivel, CSR, upon graduating from Sage College and earning her CSR license in October of 2014, Jennifer began her career as a freelance court reporter, mainly covering depositions and occasionally family law trials.  Since joining the field of court reporting, Jennifer has made it a priority to move forward in the direction of becoming a certified realtime reporter.  Mentoring students, speaking at local schools, and advocating for freelance court reporters have all become a great passion of hers. During her time in court reporting school, Jennifer was the recipient of multiple scholarships and worked as a volunteer file clerk in her local courthouse.  She is excited and driven about serving as an advocate for freelance legislation through her service as chair of CCRA’s Deposition Advisory Committee.

John Garnett has been working with YesLaw for the past 10 years John has overseen the development of the YesLaw reporter transcript-to-video synchronization software, and the launch of YesLaw PDF Transcript Generator Software paired with the YesLaw Online Repository.  Mr. Garnett has designed an efficient and easy to use interface for the creation and distribution of electronic transcripts within the YesLaw software. He continues to respond to user feedback for the development and improvement of YesLaw software features.

Michael Hensley joined the profession of court reporting in a somewhat unique way.  His schooling was done entirely online.  Not once did he set foot in a classroom at a brick-and-mortar facility.  His education provided him with a unique perspective relating to the court reporting education process which allows him to embrace technology in every aspect of his career.  
In his experience as a reporter, he has covered various types of proceedings including depositions for cases involving wrongful death, patent law, medical practice, and technical expert testimony.  Along with a wide variety of case law coverage, Michael has also covered these proceedings via telephone, video, and web conference connections.  He has had the opportunity to cover arbitration hearings, court hearings on motions and trials, as well as board meetings for various municipal bodies.  
Michael is a member of the NCRA New Professionals Advisory Committee, advocating for involvement in local and national associations as well as certification and professional development.  He finds joy in giving back to the profession of court reporting by encouraging other reporters to continually sharpen their skills in addition to offering guidance and education for various technologies available to professional court reporters and students alike.

Dayna Hester, CSR, has focused her career in the freelance civil litigation realm. Early on, being a staff reporter for Frank O. Nelson & Associates, she was assigned to work as an Official Pro Tempore for Superior Court in Santa Maria, California. This assignment lasted three years, where she would report all matters heard in court (morning calendar, preliminary hearings, civil and criminal trials). A move to Los Angeles brought this assignment to an end but opened new opportunities in the deposition world. Over time, Dayna gained a reputation for being a strong realtime reporter and “always hungry” for an expedite. Around 2015, with the new niche of pro tempore reporting opening up in civil courtrooms, Dayna’s two career paths have come together. She now seeks assignments as a pro tem reporter offering solo daily trial transcripts, daily ROUGHs, realtime/LiveNote feeds to Court and counsel.

Steven Kosmata, with a CSR license 7253. Having passed his CSR in 1986, Mr. Kosmata has worked most of his professional career as a judicial reporter for the San Diego Superior Court, where “kosmo,” as his friends call him, was honored to be reporter of the year in 2006.  Steve has also been the longest presiding president of the San Diego reporter association for four consecutive years.  In addition to reporting, Kosmo teaches Eclipse at many conventions and helps his colleagues better understand their reporting software when issues arise.  Currently his reporting goals are to pass the CRR and CMR within the next two years.  While Steve has takenHaving passed his CSR in 1986, Mr. Kosmata has worked most of his professional career as a judicial reporter for the San Diego Superior Court, where “kosmo,” as his friends call him, was honored to be reporter of the year in 2006.  Steve has also been the longest presiding president of the San Diego reporter association for four consecutive years.  In addition to reporting, Kosmo teaches Eclipse at many conventions and helps his colleagues better understand their reporting software when issues arise.  Currently his reporting goals are to pass the CRR and CMR within the next two years.  While Steve has taken on the dual roles of Secretary/Treasurer for CCRA, he also donates his time to represent his court reporters in the San Diego on their Labor/Management team.on the dual roles of Secretary/Treasurer for CCRA, he also donates his time to represent his court reporters in the San Diego on their Labor/Management team.

Early Langley, CSR, RMR, B.A., is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.  She has earned NCRA’s Realtime Systems Administrator certificate.  She is a member of the NCRA Education Content Committee. She is Past President of the California Court Reporters Association.  She has published articles in many California Bar Association journals, the three most notable of which are “The Helter Skelter Trial Memoir, “Dollars for Depos,” and “Lost in Digital Translation.”

Rick Louie has over 23 years of product experience at Gigatron Software Corporation, he is StenoCAT’s resident expert. Throughout his career at Gigatron, he has held various positions ranging from Product Quality Assurance to Senior Product Support Specialist. Over the last two decades, Rick has conducted numerous training seminars including, but not limited to, the StenoCAT Users Network (SUN) Meetings, CCRA Events, and NCRA Conventions. He is also an instructor at South Coast College of Court Reporting. A Southern California native, Rick graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Kimberly Lucia counsels clients in all areas of employment law, including drafting employee handbooks and policies, negotiating severance agreements, and conducting employment investigations. She routinely provides advice and counseling to public and private employers on wage and hour issues, discipline and termination, disability accommodations, and Family and Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act leaves of absences. Kimberly also counsels clients on pre-litigation strategies and represents employers in employee grievance proceedings. She has represented employers before the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement in wage and hour hearings and has conducted employment investigations into discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour claims

Sarah Marshall is a Past President of the Missouri Court Reporters Association.  She is an official reporter in Kansas City, Missouri.  She has been a licensed court reporter in the State of Missouri since October 2007.

Amanda McDonough is a skilled inspirational speaker, author, and actress. Amanda has been a speaker for: The US Airforce, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Riverside, Saddle Ranch Church, Diamond Ranch High School, etc.! Her book “Ready to be Heard: How I Lost My Hearing and Found My Voice” is the story of how Ms. McDonough overcame unbelievable obstacles to finish college after becoming deaf. Since then, Ms. McDonough has maintained a successful Hollywood acting career (Freeform’s Switched at Birth, ABCs Speechless, NBCs Bad Judge, Google, 7UP, Deaf West/ Pasadena Playhouses Our Town, etc.), fought for her independence, and found her purpose.

Saba McKinley CSR, RPR, began reporting in 1991 as an official reporter with the Los Angeles Municipal Court. She later transferred to the L.A. Superior Court where she worked until July of 2010, when she decided to use her skills as a CART Provider, her current vocation. Saba is often asked, “How do you get started as a CART Provider?” It is her intention, while serving on the board, to be the GO-TO person in all things CART. With that in mind, she will be writing a monthly article which addresses CART inquiries. You can find these articles in the online magazine under the title “ALL THINGS CART/CAPTIONING.” Saba has served as coordinator on CCRA’s SOS Committee under the “Each One Reach One Mentoring Program” since August of 2010. She has served on NCRA’s CART COI (Community of Interest) committee since 2011. She is on the Speaker’s Rosters for both CCRA and NCRA and loves talking to students about the court reporting industry. Saba has two adult sons, of whom she is exceedingly proud, and they own her heart. Her eldest serves in the United States Air Force, with the youngest in his junior year in college. She enjoys attending her Toastmasters meetings, to which she is grateful for her leadership skills.

Lesia Mervin, CSR, RMR, CRR, FAPR, Realtime Specialist, Official, CART Provider has been a reporter for 34 years, specializing in the area of realtime.
Past President of CCRA, current member of NCRA's Test Advisory Committee

Toni O'Neill has always enjoyed sharing with reporters the many features of CATalyst.  Prior to becoming a SGCITA, Toni worked both as a freelance reporter and an official reporter.  During that time, Toni would informally share her knowledge of Case Catalyst with other reporters to enable them to take advantage of the many features of Case Catalyst.  Toni is and has always been an ardent proponent of reporters gaining greater understanding in the utilization of the many CATalyst features and enjoys working with reporters in attaining that goal. Governor-appointed licensee Board member and current Vice Chair Toni O’Neill has served on the Court Reporters Board of California for 11 years.  During that time, Ms. O’Neill has served as chair on the various committees and task forces under the CRB umbrella as well as serving as chair of the CRB for a cumulative six years.

CCRA Past President Brooke Ryan, CSR, RPR, has held the position of director with the California Court Reporters Association for many years, followed by secretary-treasurer, vice president, then president-elect, and then President. She currently volunteers as the Chair within her bargaining unit for United Public Employees and has been on the board for ten-and-a-half years. She has served as president for the Sacramento Official Court Reporters Association for a total of four years.  She, along with Jeremiah Van Etten, a Public Defender for Sacramento County, are raising their two sons, Oliver and Truman. Promoting the court reporting profession through legislative advocacy and supporting court reporting students are her passions.

Michael Starkman is a former freelance reporter from Pennsylvania. In 1997 he joined Eclipse as a sales representative and has since moved up to Director of Sales for the Mid-Atlantic Region. His sales duties have expanded to include all aspects of reporter-related technology including writers and laptop computers.  Michael is also Assistant National Marketing Manager for Realtime Coach.  He is also a certified advanced Eclipse software trainer with 20 years of experience presenting and teaching Eclipse. During this time, Michael has done countless seminars. They include regular presentations at the ESP Network Meetings (the Eclipse Users’ Group), and for Eclipsewebinars.com, annual appearances as a speaker at both NCRA’s national conventions and at state conventions, and he has also provided many training seminars in the Mid-Atlantic region.  

Lindsay Stoker is a freelance captioner with over 11 years’ experience. Her specialties include remote captioning and broadcast work. She travels frequently to caption conferences, many times with thousands in attendance. She lives in Fullerton with her husband, Brandon, and her four sons, ages 10, 10, 5, and 3.

Bob Sullivan, CSR has been a working California court reporter for the past 36 years.  Bob keeps active in all aspects of the profession, including teaching, mentoring, motivational speaking, and being of the voices of the California CSR for over 26 years.  Having recently retired his officialship with the County of Orange after 27 years of service, he is still seen roaming the halls of Central Court, wearing the hate of a reporter pro tempore.

Robert Thayer is a veteran of the Kings County Sheriff's Office.  It was in his early years as a Deputy Sheriff that he met and married your Freelance Vice President, Kim Thayer.
Robert worked his way up through the ranks of the Sheriff's Office and now holds the position of Assistant Sheriff.  As part of his command, Robert oversees the Custody Division, Court Services, Animal Control, and all Tactical Elements, including S.W.A.T (Special Weapons and Tactics), C.R.T (Crisis Resolution Team), T.D (Tactical Dispatch) and S.E.R.T (Sheriff's Emergency Response Team).
Early in Robert's career, he succumbed to a life-style of unhealthy eating habits accompanied with a sedentary "couch potato" approach to physical fitness.  In May 2009, living life at 240 pounds, Robert finally committed himself to a life-style change that has truly changed his life.
Robert is now a poster child of health and physical fitness.  He accomplished this mission the "old fashion" way, eating correctly and exercising daily.
Robert will provide his captive audience with a transparency that will expose his addiction to food and his challenge to you … change your life!
Robert is the proud father of three children; Robbie, Payton and Kaitlin.  Along with his wife, Kim, they reside in Hanford, California where they enjoy the comforts of great friends, good fellowship, and the love of following their kids through baseball and gymnastics.

Margie Wakeman Wells is in her sixth decade of teaching –more than 40 of those
years in court reporting education. She has presented, under the auspices of
NCRA and state organizations, over 300 seminars for reporters, teachers, and students on English-related topics.
Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation is her best-selling reference text. She has published Word Pares, Pears, Pairs, a reference work of 2,000 word pairs and All Things English, a practice book on English skills. She has written a drill book series for improving accuracy: Practice Really DOES Make Perfect.
Margie operates “Margie Holds Class,” her online school, for both live and
recorded classes and writes a blog on “All Things English.”

Sandy M. Walden, CSR, RPR, started her career in court reporting in July of 1999.  She worked as a freelance reporter until she was hired as an official for Contra Costa County Superior Court in October 2007.  This year as CCRA co-chair of the legislation committee, I am looking forward to continue to fight and win a transcript rate increase for our profession.  As the Director of District B, I’m looking forward to connecting with reporters in my district and seeing what positive changes you see CCRA can do for our profession.  Also, as co-chair for our convention in 2018, please reach out to me if you have a speaker you’d recommend or class you’d love to attend.  Making strides for all court reporters in California in my passion and goal.

Nick Wilkie joined StreamText in 2009 as CEO. He has worked hard to expand the opportunities for CART and caption providers to deliver their services.

Presenter Disclaimer
Presenters were chosen because of their expertise in the subject matter presented. The views and opinions expressed by presenters do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or official policy of the California Court Reporters Association.